About LLNS

1. Executive Summary

Letjhabile-Libalele Nursing College is a community based project. It is private public mix and selfsustainable. The pupils pay the institution fees which are used to pay for all expenses. The practical part of studying is done in health institutions as arranged. The pupil nurses are accompanied by qualified personnel from the college. The curriculum and college were approved by the South African Nursing Council in October 1996 and May 1997 respectively. The school started operating on 1st June 1997.

2. Mission

Our mission is to provide education and training programmes in nursing and other health related fields to learners from all provinces in South Africa and countries within the S.A.D.C region. We are particularly orientated to the provision of services to clients in the under-served communities. This will be done by the implementation of recognized and approved curricula and the undertaking of teaching/learning activities which are consistent with sound education practice.

3. Vision

Our vision is to enable the population to access good quality health care, thus contributing to an overall improvement in their overall quality of life.

4. Philosophy

We believe that every patient is entitled to individual health care, confidentiality, understanding, kindness and that their physical needs be met irrespective of nationality, creed, race ethnicity, gender, social standing, economic and political status. We believe that health care workers should be effectively utilized according to their educational level, acquired skills and relevant scope of practice in relation to different cultures, norms and values.

We believe that health care workers be trained in a manner to contribute to the health care services and to health needs in spite of limitations. We believe that health care workers should continue to render care individuals, families and friends and refer work related issues to relevant persons and communities in order to meet the health needs in spite of limitations.

We believe that learning is an active and continuous process.

We believe that teaching is learning orientated.

We believe that health is an undeniable right of every individual at all ages and in all settings